Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables – The Benefits

Reclaimed wood dining tables are for you if you don’t want a shiny new table with absolutely no character. However, if you want a table which looks as though it’s been round the block a few times, with plenty of personality and a story to tell then reclaimed wood will be perfect for you.

We humans are constantly using the natural resources which we have at our disposal, whether it be fossil fuels or forests but many who are environmentally aware are looking for non-destructive ways to decorate and furnish their homes. Reclaimed wood is an obvious answer for making dining tables as well as many other items of furniture and flooring.

There are many benefits to using reclaimed wood:


  • Character – You will get a piece of furniture which looks as though it has a story to tell, complete with knots, cracks and scrapes. Whether you use a complete piece or several planks for your table, it will look fabulous in your farmhouse or loft.
  • Weathering – A piece of reclaimed wood will often have been exposed to the elements and will have taken on an unusual colouring as a result.
  • Environment – Not only is using reclaimed wood saving yet another tree from being cut down but it is also saving on the processing and transportation of newly felled logs.
    Quality – Reclaimed wood often comes from more mature, larger trees which provide a better quality product.

There are a few things to bear in mind as well:

  • Cost – Even though there is an economical as well as ecological benefit to using reclaimed wood, remember that the timber still has to be sourced and claimed. A barn, factory or warehouse may have to be dismantled or stripped out and that all takes time so don’t think of reclaimed wood as a cheap alternative to new wood.
  • Care – Although reclaimed wood may be weathered and worn, you will still need to care for it but how will depend on its finish and whether or not it has been treated. In either event, use of proper wood cleaner and care not to leave liquid rings from cold glasses or heat rings from plates or mugs will help to keep your reclaimed wood dining table looking as it should.

There are many options in terms of which woods are available so consult your furniture maker to find out what choices you have and how best to use them.




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